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Trailing Stop & Buy TokenTact Help

The sell-signal was provided by the 50-days MA crossing from below the 200-days MA. Check out some of the 2024 Super Bowl props available and let White help guide you with his NFL picks here. The final rules will come into effect 60 days after being published in the Federal Register, with a one-year compliance period. As the crypto industry prepares for increased regulatory attention, the full impact of these SEC rules remains uncertain in decentralized finance.

An IFTT approach to crypto trading, very easy to setup and get going. I’ve been using it since September 2021 and I’ve seen many improvements to both UI and trading features. New to crypto trading and its taking me some time to learn but the YouTube videos, tutorials, templates, and suggestions are extremely helpful! It has some glitches, but its a work in progress – it can only get better.

A series of features form a multilayer of security barriers to include authentication procedures, avoiding denial of service attacks, military-grade encryption and payment protection. TokenTact uses a sophisticated security platform to protect your personal and trading information. The company does this through authentication procedures, security measures like preventing denial of service attacks and payment protection.

  • A feature of TokenTact that we are particularly proud of is its versatility that allows many different types of investors and traders to use the platform.
  • This TokenTact review reveals how well this platform accomplishes its task and offers comparative analysis, contrasting TokenTact with other crypto trading automation platforms.
  • – Ation 4 Sell ETH at 220 (200 + 10%) fails because all the coins were sold in the previous action.
  • See White’s Super Bowl coin toss prop play here since he’s banking on a recent coin toss trend.

Both TokenTact and TokenTact provide the basic function of aggregating all your positions in one application. However, they both offer so much more than simple portfolio management. There are trading tools, programmable/automated buy and sell functions, indicators, signals, copy-trading, the lot.

In the example above, we identify a specific condition (a particularly “oversold” status of the technical indicator) to decide to send a relatively small order to accumulate to our position. Coinbase is one of the many cryptocurrency exchanges available on TokenTact’s platform. TokenTact integrates with the most popular exchanges to give you greater access. The login page shows the exchanges, rules and settings on the left. The rules show all of the guidelines including methods to efficiently limit them.

Please be aware of the risks involved with trading cryptocurrencies. The strategy is more effective when the trading pair trades within a clear range. Here are some examples of trading pairs you can use to run a Grid Trading Strategy. Every trader uses this, but this feature is not yet available on TokenTact. Therefore, to perform TA, a trader uses third-party services such as Tradingview.

Each plan helps you build your skills and knowledge to become better at cryptocurrency trading. The platform is one of the best for digital currency trading and learning how to be a consistently successful crypto trader. With crypto’s high volatility, a simple strategy like this could be an alternative to dollar cost averaging at predetermined intervals.


Using some of’s best features requires a little knowledge and a modicum of practice. TokenTact is aware of this and has developed a very beginner-friendly approach to creating a trading bot. You can start with a couple of price signals, then perhaps add in a technical indicator rule. By testing each iteration for profitability, you soon start to converge on an effective trading strategy.

Within the XRP community, there’s eager anticipation for the launch of the XRP Ledger’s Automated Market Maker (AMM). The XLS-30D amendment is expected to empower XRP holders to earn passive income by becoming liquidity providers on the XRPL for various assets. The court’s ruling on post-complaint XRP transactions extends beyond legalities, potentially reshaping Ripple’s operations, especially in the U.S. The specter of restrictions on XRP sales to ODL customers prompts Ripple to rethink strategies, exploring alternatives to maintain its presence in the cryptocurrency ecosystem.